The world of tattooing in Malta and its trends.

Is the world of tattooing in Malta still a taboo?

The Inked have managed to earn a place of respect among the citizens of this country. After years of prejudice, in which the world of tattooing in Malta has been seen as something forbidden. Or carried by someone with a dark past. Despite its brand new fame, tattooing in Malta has hardly any well-known artists who give it the importance it deserves. Who help spread the inked concept as something that goes beyond drawing a few flowers on one arm; tattooing is an art that requires talent and effort, so it deserves the same respect as other works.

Today I count on the collaboration of a local tattooist, well-known and who has had a great journey at the international level. Tattooing all over the world and growing the fame of the inked market beyond the borders of Malta: the only and unrepeatable Scotty Massa.

An expert view of the world of tattooing in Malta

Through our talk, Scotty carefully analyzed the evolution of the tattooing style on the island. Explaining that the most prevalent designs of the moment ranged from the difficult and exotic mandalas. Full of shadows and details, even the simplest and minimalist designs in which fine lines and the absence of colours predominated.

Scotty believes that the style of tattooing has a great influence on social networks and what predominates most in them. Iif there are more pictures of mandalas, people will want that. If they take away the bright colored flowers later, they will also end up asking for it.

Working from his new studio Massa Tattoo Social Club Malta. Scotty understands fixing a tattoo style doesn’t work. It varies and would always vary, because art, if it wants to improve and evolve, must never stagnate in a form of expression.

Artists preference vs customers opinion

Choosing a preferred tattoo artist is not easy. At present, the number of inked artists is so large that staying with just one of them is almost impossible: which would you say best suits your style?

The moment of choosing a tattoo artist is something really important, since you are entrusting your skin and your history to a person that in most cases you do not know; to avoid misunderstandings or disappointments with the final result of the tattoo, what you should do is analyse the available options well and check with which of the tattooists you have the best communication and inspires you the most confidence.

Advice from the professional

Scotty explained that the style of the tattoo artist is not always the most important thing to choose: “The client has to speak to his tattoo artist, intimately and directly, as if talking to his best friend and explaining the real reason why he wants to tattoo something on skin forever.

” If through several conversations they manage to adapt the tattoo artist’s style to the client’s idea, the result will always be as expected; the style of a tattoo artist does not have to be fixed, he can experiment with other techniques if the client is worth it.”

The artist also explains to us that one of the most important parts of the tattoo process is the trust that exists between the client and their tattoo artist. Since if there is no connection or respect between the two, it is most likely that the result does not end up liking either one. The client must be able to sit in the chair and feel confident that their artist will do a great job, that is the most important thing.


Finally, the artist wants to make it clear that when a person decides to tattoo something on their skin it is because the tattoo has a meaning and a story to tell. We decide that through a simple drawing that story remains forever etched on your skin and everyone can see it.

To check out Scotty Massa’s work have a look at his instagram profile @scottymassatattoos or here.

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