Do tattoos affect your chances for a job?

Times are changing, and no longer does having tattoos hurt your chances of getting a job. We now live in a culture where having an inked body is becoming more and more accepted by those doing the hiring. With more of the population getting tattoos, previously viewed as a taboo activity, it is not so taboo anymore.

The change in perception toward tattoos.

Recent studies show that having a visible tattoo is no longer holding anyone back on jobs or salary. Having a tattoo, even in places such as Malta, does not affect whether a person gets hired. Candidates are being given the same chance for positions where they are in the running with someone that doesn’t have a visible tattoo. This signifies a massive shift in the culture and how people with tattoos are viewed. With more people inking their bodies, there is less of a stigma associated with tattooed individuals. As more and more young people with excellent skills get tattoos, we see more acceptance.

What tattoos mean for the worker.

As the perception of tattoos in the workplace changes, there will be a growing number of opportunities. More doors will be open to highly skilled candidates that also love to express themselves through body art. As those younger tattooed employees are promoted into more prestigious positions, we can find that the rules for body art will become even more lenient. This is excellent news for those of us that have tattoos and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We are no longer the minority of job seekers, and we can have some peace of mind that we will be appropriately evaluated. You will no longer have to worry that a piece of art that you put on your body is costing you a job in Malta.

What it means for employers.

Employers in Malta still have the right to hire who they feel best fits the role. However, considering how much of us have some form of body art, they can drastically limit their candidate pool. A progressive way of thinking needs to be at the forefront of how businesses see applicants. According to some recruitment agencies, they are imploring companies to look past tattoos because they are missing out on talented individuals. This will lead companies to miss out on people that can drive their companies into the next generation. Those willing to look past tattoos and evaluate only on expertise find themselves with more possibilities to succeed.

Final Thoughts

We can express ourselves through art on our bodies and not be scared of being held back. Although not all companies feel the same way about this, there is a higher number of available positions. Your tattoo will no longer hold you back. Now that we are living in a culture where tattoos are more prominent, we don’t have to worry about not being taken seriously. Our only options of work aren’t in tattoo studios or barbers. Those that express themselves through their bodies will not have to second guess their decisions. Opportunities in the job market will remain open to them.

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