The Maltese Cross

What do tattoo artists think of the Maltese Cross?

Tattoo artists have found that The Maltese Cross is seen as one of most popular designs on the island of Malta.

In this article, we discuss its historical significance and what it means to different people and different groups in the world today.

To show The Maltese Cross as part of a Malta tattoo artists logo.
Malta artists use the Maltese Cross in their logos.

What Does the Maltese Cross Tattoo Stand For?

The task of the Knights of Malta was to actively protect the holy land and extend their services to those who needed them. Their alliance and perseverance the most stand out trait. As a result Bravery, honour and good work are represented by the Maltese cross. The members of the Knights of Malta used the Maltese cross as their military insignia. Over the years, the popularity of the Maltese cross tattoo has grown manifold because many civic organisations around the world have adapted this cross. As an example, firefighters often wear the Maltese Cross tattoo as a symbol of their courage and their unwavering commitment to helping their fellow men.

The Maltese cross design includes eight points. So these eight points mean or represent different things to different people and religious groups.

What Did the Maltese Cross Mean to the Knights of Malta?

The Knights of Malta thought, the eight points represented the eight values that a Knight of Malta must possess.

To explain, these were: bravery, compassion, fearlessness, holy devotion, humanitarian, loyalty, and respect.

To explain, these points can represent the eight obligations of the Knight of Malta; always live by the truth; forever have faith; to be sincere; commit to upholding justice; devote oneself to ending persecution; to stay humble; to repent one’s sins and finally always show mercy towards other.

What Do Other People Believe?

Some people believe, the eight points of the Maltese cross represent the eight European states: Aragon, Auvergne, Castle, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Castile.


In conclusion, the Maltese Cross holds special significance to different people and different groups. So one thing is certain that the Maltese Cross tattoo continues to be one of the most popular options in Malta.

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